Branding Project - I Am Yoga

I have practiced yoga for about four years and have been a patron of the I Am Yoga studio for about two of those years. During my graduate studies, when asked to pick a small business in Pittsburgh to rebrand, I felt I wanted to give back to a studio that has already given me so much. When I conceptualized rebranding for them I wanted two things to stand out: warmness and connection.

Branding Efforts

Their original logo used the concept of a half moon shape (a popular yoga pose). Although I didn’t use another pose in my redesign, I did take the concept of a mandala (another popular yoga term) and let that represent the studio. A mandala represents connection and the circular nature of the practice of yoga.

Current Logo

Current Logo


Warmness was important for me to represent in the logo because it is the first impression most people have upon walking in to the studio. There is always a friendly face at the studio. Warmness and the warm, earthy tones match this vibe well and are represented in the logo through use of color and typography.

The sense of connection was portrayed through the illustrative elements of this logo.

Branding Concepts

As a graduate student, I have focused on web and app design. I also wanted this to be part of the branding efforts of the studio and I created a homepage and app interface for the studio, as well.