Imprint: App Concept and Design

Imprint aims to make it easier to volunteer regularly at a local shelter by walking dogs and was inspired by professional dog walking apps, other volunteering apps, and apps with relevant concepts like Wooftrax (an app that donates to animal shelters when you walk your dog). I wanted Imprint to be as personalized as possible, which is why it includes pictures of dogs as well as location and scheduling services.

This app concept was made with Adobe Experience Design (XD) and Photoshop. Pictures came from PEXEL or pixabay, with various icons from Material Icons. Other sites used for research include Wooftrax, Google Maps (for the maps on the "Search" and "You've Picked ... " views in the app and attendant iconography), and various animal shelters sites such as Animal Haven, BARC Shelter, Sean Casey Animal Rescue, and Bidawee.