#MeToo: Illustration & Layout Design

Inspiration, Drawing, and Digital Rendering

Inspired by Time magazine's 2017 Person of the Year editorial, I drew the women of the #metoo movement on one page, trying to represent the depth and diversity of this movement. The three women in the center (the one's that I started my drawing of) span industries, from entertainment, to politics, to tech. The founder of the movement, Tarana Burke is in the back, representing her initial spark of the movement and overseeing the women that stood on her shoulders.

I made this illustration first with pencil and vellum, and then did a second copy with a brush pen to create heavier lines. I felt that with the grave subject matter, a more pronounced and heavier line would help to convey the message better. The final rendering was done using Adobe Illustrator. I took inspiration from illustrator Michael Cho's use of a limited color palette. This was on one hand a challenge, but also helped to relay the story of these women in a grave way.

Layout Design

After finishing the rendering, I wanted to place it back into the editorial for the piece. I created an alternative layout for Time's Person of the Year article.