Band Together: App Concept and Design

For my thesis project, I designed an app concept for the Millennial and Generation Z cohort focused on voting. This app was created to ensure that the upcoming voters would have the appropriate resources for voting, learning about politics, and, most importantly, being able to do this right at their fingertips.

The UX process included researching the target market of men and women between the ages of 18-35, content modeling the information to be laid out on the app, as well as presenting a navigation model.

This project also included the branding of the Band Together app. Inspired by political and candidate brands as well as modern technology, I wanted the brand to have a political tie-in with a modern feel.

The entirety of my thesis will soon be available on the Chatham University Library’s website.

Digital rendering of the navigation model

Prototype of app using static imagery to show the user flow.