Closer Look: Art Vending Machine Project


During my graduate studies I was assigned the project of creating an art vending machine. I decided to take this project into my realm of study; user interface and user experience design. I designed an art vending machine that dispenses lay photography, functioning like a photo print machine. A user uploads a photograph to Instagram with the hashtag #closerlook and location, and the machine will then be populated with that picture, and a different user in the same location can then search the machine for all pictures taken in that place. 

The purpose of this machine is to create gratitude, for a place, for beauty, for art, and artists. Closer Look was more than just the title and branding of the project, it was a command. Look closer at the place you are in, take a picture, choose a picture. Remember where you've decided to take a closer look. 

This vending machine rendered below would hypothetically be placed at Chatham University. The vending machine's interface was created using Adobe Experience Design, with photographs shot by myself, fellow classmates, as well as some stock photography. 


I wanted the name of the vending machine to be an action, as that was important to me during the planning process for this project; I wanted the customer to be an active seeker of art. I thought that this magnifying glass, coupled with fancy ā€˜Lā€™ and the bold, block letters of the rest of the text represented the idea behind my vending machine best. Find something new in a place you might know already, and take a closer look.