Advertising Campaign: Imagine

Chatham University Advertising Campaign

Using original photography and a campaign word of my choosing, I created an advertisement incorporating both the city of Pittsburgh and Chatham University’s campus to market Chatham’s Bachelor of Art’s program in Media Art, Graphic Design, and Film.

I chose the word 'Imagine' because I felt that an prospective student might find this messaging inspiring. Imagine where you'll go, imagine the good you can do in the world with this degree. Imagine how you can get there. This word also was depicted in where I chose to shoot these photographs. I chose the Roberto Clemente bridge not only for the landmark of Pittsburgh, but also the concept of bridge and its ability to take one over the hurdle and lead them safely to the other side. The other bridge was taken on Chatham University's campus. The stairs represent the ability to move up, move forward.

These posters were created using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.