One Bottle: App Concept and Design


It is easy to forget how important recycling even one bottle can be. By conveniently reminding users daily about good recycling habits as well as rewarding those users, One Bottle aims to make recycling easier, more fun, and more widespread.

In designing this concept, I considered some existing apps on the market such as iRecycle and Recyclebank. iRecycle focuses on having an inventory of items and instructions on where to recycle them, whereas Recyclebank focuses on having a thorough incentive system. With those apps as inspiration, I tried to design an app that, among other things, included the best of both: an incentive system as well as recycling resources. One Bottle not only has a comprehensive list of special items and how to recycle them, but it also has an individualized map and contact information for nearby recycling centers. The incentive system includes a daily action and badges upon completion of a pledge.

One Bottle: Branding

For this app, I created a brand that matched the tone of the app, with a modern, fresh, but also, grounded look. I wanted the brand to not only reflect back on the earthy nature of the app, but also give prominence to the act of recycling. By using this brown and green color palette and using the arrow reminiscent of the universal recycling symbol. This arrow is also pointing up, symbolizing the act of reaching towards goals, doing something that helps the world get to a better place.